UnicornLive is a Silicon Valley-based, stealth startup building the next big thing in entertainment - a live gameshow app where anyone can tune-in and compete for prize money by answering trivia questions. You’ve been hired as a lead developer and you need to ship a prototype of the app that they can use to pitch to investors. You’ve been given complete freedom to build the stack as long as you ship quickly and you’ve heard of a few new tools, like AWS Appsync, AWS Amplify, and Amazon Interactive Video Service, that can remove a lot of the heavy lifting in building a mobile apps and video streaming services. This is your adventure in building UnicornLive.

This workshop is split into three sections outlined below. You will need to build the Live Streaming Service, Administrator Panel, and a client for your audience to interact with your hosts.

Live Streaming Service - This service will encode and host a live video stream from a studio environment to the end users interacting with UnicornLive.

Interactive API - This allows a UnicornLive host to submit questions and collect answers from participants.

Client - This allows administrators to push questions and receive answers from users to connected to the live stream.

Development Environment

You just started at UnicornLive and they hooked you up with a brand new laptop - sweeeet! Now let’s configure your development environment.

  1. Download the UnicornTrivia workshop zip here and unzip it
  2. Download and install Node and Node Package Manager (NPM) if you don’t already have it from Select LTS for the node version.
  3. Install AWS Amplify CLI using this command
    npm install -g @aws-amplify/cli
  4. Install AWS Amplify Video
    npm install -g amplify-category-video
  5. Download and install Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) from

To start we will be configuring our live streaming back end. Click the arrow or navigate to the next section to begin!


This library is licensed under the Apache 2.0 License.